Reference Implementations

Given the wide variety of available data sources, the process of implementing data request for large organisations is positively massive. Any efforts that can help make this process easier should be an accepted part of Open Data Rights API practice.

First of all, we encourage the development of open-source reference implementations of the Data Rights API. These implementations could also feature dashboards and experiences that facilitate the process of data requests on the organisational side. These reference implementation should support a wide gamut of languages.

Secondly, a number of plug-ins for common data sources could be made available that easily integrate with Open Data Rights API-based systems. These should face the same scrutiny as the Open Data Rights API. If this development ends up being popular, further standardisation is certainly desirable.

Thirdly, reference implementations for citizen-facing applications implementing the Open Data Rights API should be considered as well. If this development is significantly desirable, a particular solution for citizen-facing applications could be developed, standardised and maintained by the Open Data Rights community.

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