Best practices

Currently, the European Union does little to clarify how the law implements practical considerations in systems and user experience design. Thus, all best practices we know are built off of individual organisations making interpretations themselves. Thus, we end up in a space where smaller organisations follow the wave of their larger precursors, without understanding the rationale behind their decisions.

With the Open Data Rights API, best practices concerning data rights are made glaringly obvious. Meanwhile, rationale behind design decisions should be made clear, so that individual implementers understand why things are built the way they are. This affords smaller and larger organisations insight into these considerations at little to no cost.

Lastly, a Open Data Rights acts as a forum where discussions regarding data rights are held. This encourages continuous development of these best practices across the industry as a whole, rather than within individual organisations. This increases the amount of eyeballs that watch over technical accessibility, feasibility and security.

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